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Meet The Team

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Dylan Corbet

Network President  |  Podcast Host           Content Creator

Dylan has over seven years of experience in front of the microphone. From Minor League Baseball Play-by-Play to Sports Talk Radio in the Dakotas, Dylan has been honing his craft over the years and is now on to the next challenge; starting his own podcast network. Hear from Dylan and his friends & colleagues on a variety of topics throughout the week as they look to inform and entertain. Check out the daily content wherever you enjoy your podcasts.


Brendan Duarte

Podcast Host   |   Content Creator

Brendan Duarte is a man of many talents. He loves chipotle, and hates bananas. Brendan works in finance, and enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, working out, and going to the kratom bar. He is well known around the world for being able to name any song faster than the speed of light. Many forget that Brendan also spent 3 weeks on the Billboards hot 100 chart during his time as a rapper. 

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Austin Platts

Podcast Host   |   Content Creator

Austin Platts is an interesting character to say the least. He won’t pay extra for chips at Jimmy Johns but he’ll blindly throw $500 on a sports bet he saw on tik tok. He’s an engineer, entrepreneur, investor, self acclaimed public figure, and a hopeless romantic-even though he doesn’t know what that means. Austin’s the type of guy that’ll buy a piano, decide he’s going to become a musician, and then learn to play twinkle twinkle little star and call it a day.


Jack Duncan

 "The Mayor"

Podcast Host   |   Content Creator

Jack Duncan has more scoops than an ice cream shop. From preschool on his nicknames have been The Mayor, CNN, TMZ, and Gossip King. People say he looks like Jonah Hill which doesn't help his ego because he already claims he's the funniest person he knows. When his severe FOMO strikes he compares it to water levels rising and him drowning because he's not around the action. He will talk until he is blue in the face and piss some people off while doing it. He is charismatic, dramatic, and brings the energy. You either hate him or you love him there is no in between. But guarantee you one thing, Jack D will ALWAYS have the tea. 


Alex Brcic

Podcast Host   |   Content Creator

Alex Brcic is one of the hosts on Wingin’ It. He is a man of faith and is driven by curiosity and science.  He likes to look deeply and analytically into the way things work and always appreciates a good conspiracy. Engineer by education.


Matt Crusen

Podcast Host   |   Company Lawyer

Matt Crusen brings you the facts. Whether it’s in the courtroom by day or the Pod at night, you will learn something from him.  He is a master of futures bets, guru of college hoops, and a Chicago sports fanatic.  You can catch Matt’s [mostly] correct takes throughout the week on Corbet’s Corner and allow him to win you some money on CorBET$.


Christian Verde

Podcast Host   |   Content Creator

Christian Verde is a Louisiana State University graduate who currently works as a Social Media Coordinator is New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a massive fan of all LSU sports, the New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Pelicans, and the St. Louis Cardinals. Christian is a self-proclaimed foodie and a K-Pop aficionado. In his free time, Christian is watching any live sport he can find on television, listening to music, or playing PS5.


Joey Morando

Merchandise Manager   |   Graphic Designer

Semi-retired Live Events professional living in Denver, Colorado. Joey recently started his own freelance media company, Sunflower Creative Services, where he assists small businesses with website maintenance, content creation, and e-commerce management. He spends his free time trying to afford living in Denver, going to shows, and sipping Voodoo Ranger IPA's.

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